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Basic Engineering

The basic engineering package offered by Anjo Process Consultants and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. contains the following stages.

  • Undertaking site visits ( corporate office and project site at client location) to collect details / data / information required for planning purpose.
  • Holding necessary discussions with the client and obtaining requirements of project.
  • Preparation of process flow diagrams with capacities, MOC for design capacity of production.
  • We will prepare flow diagrams for utility like steam, hot oil, chilled water, chilled brine, air, nitrogen.
  • Designing of process flow diagrams for tank forms, intermediates storage, water recovery and recycle.
  • P & I diagrams
    • for process along with line sizes, line numbers, instrument numbers MOC.
    • for utilities along with line sizes, line numbers, instrument numbers MOC.
    • for off site locations storage.
  • Total detailed equipment list for intended product along with electrical load.
  • Creation of equipment list for utility along with electrical load.
  • Creating equipment list for tank farm, raw material storage, effluent water collections, water recovery & packaging along with electrical loads.
  • Material and energy balance.
  • Sizing of all equipment will be done.
  • Preparation of specification of all equipment like process, utilities, tank farm, effluent control, powder handling.
  • We will supplying all G.A. drawings of fabricated equipment.
  • Estimation of maximum electrical demand and connected load.
  • Conceptual equipment layout for process, utilities, tank form, other areas.
  • Any additional steps which may be required depending on the complexity of the project.
Site Survey - Basic Engineering
Process Flow Diagram - - Basic Engineering

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