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Project Management

The project management package offered by Anjo Process Consultants and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. contains the following stages.

Project Management and Planning

1. Project Management

  • Prepare coordination procedure giving details of the following :
    1. Project organization (relationship between suppliers/Licensor/Contractors APCE & CLIENT.
    2. Project reference & addresses.
    3. Communication between the Owner and the Consultant and others.
    4. Information to be obtained from the owner.
    5. Minutes of meetings.
    6. Progress Reports
    7. Change notice procedure
    8. Equipment coding and numbering system.
    9. Documents issued to CLIENT & approvals by CLIENT.
  • Distribute work to other departments/groups within the APCE’s organization.
  • Review the data provided to APCE, discuss in detail and determine with owner the general parameters & design standards and establish the long delivery items.
  • Assist Owner (limited to technical assistance) in obtaining necessary statutory approvals such as Boiler Inspector, Factory Inspector and Electrical Inspector, Pollution Control Board.

2. Planning

  1. Prepare a Computerized Program indicating critical (milestone) events considering the overall project completion.
  2. Prepare regular activity schedule defining the work required to be done during a specific period based on the overall network diagram.
  3. Prepare monthly planning reports indicating (discipline wise) planned and actual progress of engineering, design, procurement and construction.
Project Management and Planning Services
Project Management Services
Project Planning Services
Inspection Services
Inspection Services
Project Expediting Services

Inspection and Expediting

1. Inspection

  1. For Storage tanks & un coded vessels
  2.  Site fabricated tanks and un coded vessels
  3. For pressure vessels and columns
  4. For heat exchangers
  5. For Pumps, Fans, Blowers
  6. For piping materials
  7. For instruments
  8. Electrical
  9. Package Units

Main items such as condensers, etc. shall be subject to final hydraulic test. Issue dispatch inspection to vendors for dispatching equipment/materials.

2. Expediting

  1. Home Office Expediting
    1. Carry out expediting from APCE’s office limited to  expediting of main vendors

    2. Frequency of expediting shall not be more than once a fortnight in normal circumstances.

    3. Prepare and up date periodically equipment and material progress schedule (indicating   orders placed, progress of manufacture and deliveries)

  2. Field Expediting
    1. Carry out expediting by visiting vendors premises and workshops as and when necessary.

Procurement Assistance

(Limited to indigenous equipment and material)

APCE shall provide following services for Process, Utilities &   Off sites    Equipment & Materials where APCE are involved. 

  1. To decide in consultation with CLIENT on parties to whom enquiries are to be forwarded for specific items. APCE are also to prepare formal enquiry letters along with necessary specifications and forward the same to parties concerned for obtaining bids.
  2. To receive all quotations and to carry out bid evaluation.
  3. During the evaluation, to hold discussions with bidders to clarify all technical and general commercial matters, if required.
  4. To study quotations received for all items and to prepare comparative charts.
  5. To recommend vendors on whom orders may be placed for specific items.
  6. To conduct detailed discussions with the possible suppliers to finalize all conditions of the order.
  7. To obtain all technical drawings/documentation, including operating manuals from Vendors/Suppliers as per purchase order conditions.
  8. Further, to obtain suppliers guarantees for the equipment being supplied.

NOTE: Preparation of draft or final Purchase Orders shall be excluded from APCE’s  scope of services.

Procurement Assistance Services
Vendor Evaluation Services
Equipment Procurement Services
Machinery Procurement Services
Construction Management Services
Commissioning Services
Overall Project Supervision Services

Construction Management and Overall Supervision

  1.  Provide the project engineer at the Site.
  2. To carry out Planning of construction work, items & discipline wise.
  3. Organize site to ensure that the work is carried out in safe and workmanlike manner in accordance with the specifications and to the program.
  4. Check and certify quantities and rates in contractor’s bills.
  5. Assess labor force required to meet the site are as per program and ensure that contractors deploy the required force and construction equipment.
  6. Conduct trade tests for craftsmen including material fitters, pipe fitters and instrument fitters.
  7. Supervise unloading of equipment at site.
  8. Render assistance in inspection of materials/equipment, material, and report damage, if any at site. (This shall be done only after Consultant established organization at site)
  9. Render assistance in hiring construction equipment and purchase of consumables, wherever necessary.
  10. Witness and certify performance of packages/units jointly with CLIENT commissioned by vendors commissioning engineers.

Note: The above work shall be performed by APCE’s site staff in part or in full depending upon the number of APCE site staff deputed at site.

Services during Commissioning

Providing during commissioning the services for construction supervision engineers to supervise such modification of the plant as may be required by the CLIENT’s Commissioning engineers. (Mechanical Commissioning)

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