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Detailed Engineering

The detailed engineering package offered by Anjo Process Consultants and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. contains the following stages.

1. Process Engineering

Prepare/Carry out the following:

  1. Complete utility requirements for the process units& work out capacities forthe utility units.
  2. Prepare Equipment list for process, utilities .
  3. Prepare scheme for all utilities & prepare data sheets for utilities equipment.
  4. Prepare P & I diagram for all utilities.
  5. Basic layouts for utilities.

2. Mechanical Engineering

The following shall be carried out for the manufacturing equipment as well as utility

and offsite equipment.

Prepare the following: →

  1. To prepare detailed equipment layouts in plans & elevations for Process & utility sections.
  2. Collect design parameters and prepare specifications for packaged units.
  3. To prepare mechanical data sheets/specifications for all process equipment.
  4. To recommend vendors for various fabricated equipment & review vendors drawings and provide comments.
  5. Prepare contract documents for the installation of equipment, invite tenders, analyze and recommend suitable contractors.
Mechanical Engineering - Detailed Engineering Services
Detailed Engineering - Anjo Process Consultants and Engineers
Process Engineering - Detailed Engineering Services
Piping Engineering - Detailed Engineering Services
Structural Engineering - Detailed Engineering Services
Architechtural Engineering - Detailed Engineering Services

3. Architectural / Civil / Structural Engineering

Scrutinize soil investigation report provided by CLIENT & advice if any further soil investigation work is necessary.

Prepare the following:

  1. Layout covering the location & principal arrangement in the Plant.

4. Piping Engineering

Prepare/carry out the following:

  1. Pipe sizing and prepare specifications for all piping work including for valves, fittings and other accessories.
  2. Piping General Arrangement drawings.
  3. Isometrics for all pipelines above 3″ and for all stainless-steel pipes above 3’’.
  4. Piping bulk bill of materials with specifications for all pipes, valves fittings and other accessories.

5. Electrical Engineering 

  1. To prepare specification, bills of materials and approve vendor’s drawings wherever applicable for:
  2. Power Control Cables
  3. Lighting Fixtures
  4. Motors
  5. Push buttons
  6. To carry out and prepare:
  7. Load calculations and single line and control wiring diagram.
  8. Power, earthling
  9. Cable Schedule and layouts, cable trays.
  10. Lighting layout for the (skid) Plant
  11. Emergency power supply and distribution including internal provision in main switchgear to switch over to emergency power.

6. Instrumentation

  1. Prepare Instrument list grouping associated sensing, transmitting & control elements.
  2. To prepare data sheets for all instruments based on basic scheme and specifications.
  3. Specifications for installation of instruments.
  4. To prepare material take-off & prepare document for installation work.
  5. Floating of enquires and carry out technical appraisal of quotations & recommends suitable vendors.

7. Insulation & Painting

  1. Select type of insulation material.
  2. Prepare specifications and Material Take Off.

8. Firefighting and Safety Alarm System

Based on the basic requirements of Fire Fighting Systems, extend existing system to new skid.

Electrical Engineering - Detailed Engineering Services
Firefighting Engineering - Detailed Engineering Services

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